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About the Gold Coast of Chicago

The Gold Coast is the premier Chicago neighborhood. Centrally located, residential, yet steps away from the shopping, lake, transportation, the loop, lincoln park, etc. The neighborhood is made up of hi-rise condos, co-ops, and multi-million dollar mansions. The historic district of the Gold Coast is a tree-lined serene section of the neighborhood.


The Gold Coast neighborhood is full of extensive amenities. The area offers both security and convenience. Local restaurants, bars, and shopping boutiques are just within walking distance. Some building amenities include:

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door Personnel / security

One of the features that distinguishes the Gold Coast buildings from ones in other neighborhoods around the city is that most of them employ a full time staff of door personnel. The door staff serves as a convenience to you by helping at your front door. They also act as first level of security for the building by registering guests, deliveries and the trades. They also receive your packages. Having a door person is a true high amenity convenience.

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bike trails

Pure Lake Michigan at your doorstep. Jogging, biking, walking, swimming and incredible views.


Lock your doOR and Go

One less tangible aspect of living in a condo with door security, parking garages and professional management is that one can simple lock the door and take off for extended periods time with peace of mind. With single family homes and condos in smaller building this is not so much the case.

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parking garage

Easy access without the worries of finding street parking also providing security for both you and your car the Gold Coast buildings offer this staple amenity. Also, considering Chicago winters parking in your building is an absolute necessity.

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Indoor or outdoor, the pools of the Gold Coast are a private oasis for the residents in the center of the city. Simply an amenity that is a hallmark of the Gold Coast.

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workout rooms

Whether getting up early or coming home late workouts are easy when your building has a fully equipped workout room. Another common amenity in the Gold Coast.


Professionally Managed

Professional management companies are often hired by the associations to conduct the daily operations of the building and assist in executing financial and maintenance plans.